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Be A Leader Foundation



Our mission is to increase the number of college-going students by inspiring and empowering elementary and high school students to become college bound, focused and prepared through leadership training and mentoring. Our Vision: Where all students have the opportunity to succeed in higher education and have the skills and resources to ensure personal success. We have created a successful template of college-going programs and have been serving Arizona youth through such programs since 2006. Starting in 7th grade and going through college, each of our programs deliver critical college-going support. This personal support includes: working with students to assist them in developing a college-going mindset, providing them with expanded educational resources, helping them establish meaningful relationships with caring mentors, working one-on-one with students during the college & scholarship application process, and ultimately supporting them through college graduation. Supporting students through the process: Applying to college and securing the financial aid necessary to attend can be a daunting process for many students, especially first generation students who are having to navigate this process on their own. Each year, through our Senior Boot Camp and College Transition programs, Be A Leader supports thousands of students with the tools, resources and support needed to successfully apply and enroll in college.
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